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Forbes: The Five Personalities of Innovators
June, 20 | 2012

I just read a recent post on Forbes Insights on the Five Personalities of Innovators, and it gave some keen insight to what drives a successful business. At r.s.b.p. Events we have a mixture of Controllers, Star Pupils, Experimenters, and especially Movers and Shakers.I love the comparison between a[...]

We're on board the Pinning train!
February, 17 | 2012

For all the PR savvy people out there, Pinterest is the social media platform to watch for. Read this article on how the pinning sensation is breaking through the social media clutter and how your clients can benefit from the trend. We're already on board- check us out![...]

What is your Superpower?
August, 11 | 2011

In this industry, a lot of us spend A LOT of time focusing on what is around them versus what is in front of them.  My twin sister sent this to me today from a writer friend of hers who writes for entrepreneurial blogs, Forbes and the like.  Simply to remind me that sometimes YOU can just [...]

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