Five Corporate Event Trends

July 25, 2013   |   Pick of the Day   |   Comments

We love planning weddings but are always thrilled when we have the opportunity to put together a fabulous corporate event.  Thankfully the year 2013 has brought an upswing in growth for many companies, creating a rise in corporate event planning.  According to event management software firm Active Network the following 5 trends are on the rise for 2013/2014 Corporate Events:

1. Smarter Events:  Businesses are expected to increase the use of event technology to help them escalate efficiency and audience engagement.

2. Increased SMM Adoption: The ability to reduce, track and understand costs will make strategic meetings management (SMM) technology a crucial tool for event planners in the near future.

3. Consolidated Solutions: Although groups have traditionally relied on various tools to manage the various aspects of events, Active Network predicts an increase in consolidated solutions or a “one-stop-shop” of sorts which is good news for us because that’s exactly what we do at RSBP!

4. Extended Audience Engagement:  According to Successful Marketing smartphones will officially overtake PCs in 2013 (haven’t they already???) as the most common method for accessing the web.  This already has and will continue to push companies to fully encourage attendee use of these devices before, during and after events."

5. Measurement: Gathering in-depth information regarding attendees’ feedback and thoughts are a necessity that is now so much easier to gather with the technology offered for corporate events. 



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