Do Collect $25 for Charity- South Tampaopoly is here!

May 27, 2009   |   Pick of the Day   |   Comments

So boys and girls…i passed go. I am immortalized on a Board Game for ever- as a crown none the less. Yep, 3 chicks and a board AKA Sara Quintero, Cathy Wilson, and Veronica Swiatek, have partnered with RSBP on South Tampaopoly for their events. We will be hosting Token Happy Hours and Chance of Rain Parties all over our board “spaces” so watch the blog for details. There is one at Datz on June 24th, from 5-7pm. Here's some more info on South Tampaopoly if you are interested in being "Park Place" log on to: I'm a railroad. So funny, appropriate if you asked my awesome vendors, I'm like a steam party planning engine…CHOO CHOO!!


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