Confessions of a Designer Shoe Hunter

May 18, 2010   |   Pick of the Day   |   Comments

It is a well known fact that almost every woman loves shoes. Whether it be a pump, wedge, or flat, or whatever your shoe fancy might be, every woman can appreciate a good shoe. Some question what the fascination is between a girl and her footwear. Well, there is a certain rush we get when we casually stroll through a store and catch a glimpse of a gorgeous pair of designer heels from the corner of our eye. Our brain tells us, "Go ahead, just try it on it won't hurt just to try" we slip it on and a certain magic happens… we fall in love. If you have yet to experience this then hopefully you do soon. It is one of the many thrills of being a designer shoe hunter. They say a girl is only as fabulous as the shoe she chooses, well that must make our own Brooke Palmer a very fabulous woman!

Brooke recently wrote an article with the St. Petersburg times telling her story about her shoe fetish. She says her fascination began at an early age with her first pair of red Mary Janes, which she jokingly compares to her similar pair of red peep toe Louboutin's. She has definitely come a long way from her first pair with designers like: Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Brian Atwood, Fendi, and the latest Christian Louboutin filling her closet. Although the numbers of shoes are growing well into the hundreds she keeps them well organized and each pair has a story to tell.

Like many of us we looked towards Cinderella as the model for shoe perfection. A tiny glass slipper was slipped upon her foot and she was whisked away to live Happily Ever After. Sometimes, this is how we feel after trying on a gorgeous pair of shoes. We know Happily Ever Afters don't usually follow but it’s a nice feeling nonetheless. Brooke is no different and fondly remembers Cinderella's quote, "One shoe can change your life."

Brooke bared her sole in this article and we encourage you to read it! Click here to read her confessions


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